Arcgis server 9 2 updating cache

Posted by / 17-Aug-2020 05:00

This patch addresses several defects exposed in Java Web ADF applications found in particular situations that affect usability.

These defects may be exposed in Java based web applications.

Choose Cache all features and ignore completion status field to ignore the cache completion status field and cache all feature extents.

Uncheck this option if you choose to track cache completion status for each feature option to update the cache completion status to a field named Cached.

If ANTIALIASING is checked, edges of lines, borders, and text will be smoothed. For example, if you are caching a country, you might supply a feature class of major urban areas.

By doing so, you are requesting that the server only pre-create tiles that cover those urban areas.

Make sure you have sufficient instances based on your server configuration to maximize the cache tile generation.# Example: "2000000;500000;250000" scales = "2000000;500000;250000" #scales = sys.argv[5] # Set the update mode.# Example: "Recreate Empty Tiles" update_mode = "Recreate All Tiles" #update_mode = sys.argv[6] # Set the extent to update in the cache.This utility provides a report detailing which Arc GIS products and which service packs have been installed.The Patch Finder utility searches for the following Arc GIS products.

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