Ashley jones jack wagner dating

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Ashley jones jack wagner dating

Most of her history revolved around her relationship with love interest Ridge Forrester.

Tylo emerged as a fan favorite in the 1990s, with Ridge and Taylor considered a soap opera supercouple.

In the years that ensued, she became involved with Ridge's brother Thorne after accidentally causing the death of his wife in a hit and run accident, and also had short-lived marriages to Nick Marone and Whip Jones.

The character relocated to Paris after a brief relationship with Ridge's father Eric. Taylor's mother, Sharon, died when she was a child which led to Jack's gambling addiction.

Tylo exited The Bold and the Beautiful again in July 2013, but returned for multiple guest appearances in 2014. A Los Angeles-based "globally renowned" psychiatrist, Taylor was introduced to facilitate social issues and act as a romantic lead.

In her early years, Taylor was characterized as "pristine" and "well-mannered", as well as being the "good girl" of the show.

After Taylor's apparent death in 2002, Ridge married Brooke.Stephanie destroys Taylor's letter, and Ridge eventually remarries Brooke.However, Taylor is revealed to be alive and suffering from amnesia.Ridge's unstable high school ex Morgan De Witt (Sarah Buxton) becomes pregnant with his child in 2000, but the baby dies after Morgan falls off a balcony in Taylor's mansion.Morgan kidnaps Steffy during a family vacation and she is presumed dead.

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In 1993 while trapped in a cabin at Big Bear and suffering from hypothermia, Taylor sleeps with her mentor from medical school James Warwick (Ian Buchanan) to prevent him from dying a virgin.

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