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Dating back to prehistoric times, Alaise was the centre of a network of salt mines and the ancient cart tracks, transporting the salt can still be seen, carved into the rock near the village.

Guichard believed that the name Alaise was derived from the Proto-Indo-European root Alès, meaning ‘a meeting place to which people travelled’.

The ancients knew that the world was an oblate spheroid of rotation and they knew that the Earth orbited the Sun.

The megalithic people used 366 days for a year, which is more accurate than the 365-day Julian calendar introduced by Julius Caesar.

He assumed that the ancient people underestimated the circumference of the Earth.It was not until Alan Butler placed a template using the 366-degree world that an extraordinary match to key sites occurred.The ancients new exactly what the circumference of the world was!Contention existed about the exact location of Alesia until well known French architect and archaeologist Alphonse Delacroix showed compelling evidence of its location at Alaise in his book "La Cité Mystérieuse".The remains of the impenetrable oppidum or Châtaillon used by Vercingetorix can still be seen in the hills above the village.

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Many of the ancient ‘salt-line’ roads may still be found radiating out from the Alaise area.

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