Cbs rejects gay dating site ad

Posted by / 17-May-2020 20:47

Cbs rejects gay dating site ad

CBS should work to partner with the gay community and not alienate it.Hey, CBS, would it surprise you to learn there will even be a few gay Olympians in Vancouver later this month?Straight and gay dating sites on the Internet have become internationally visible and financially viable.It’s the fad of the present and the wave of the future.

The Super Bowl promises to be a spectacular game between two great teams with awesome aerial attacks.

Television shows are subsequently produced just to comment on the Super Bowl ads.

Typically, those ads stay away from too much controversy or politics.

In other gay news, Gay-dating site claims CBS has rejected its proposed Super Bowl commercial because it features two men making out on a couch.

You know, I had no problem with Tim Tebow's pro-life Superbowl ad.

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The popular event costs advertisers nearly three million dollars to run even a 60 second spot.