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Coachdating net

The entire coaching team at X & Y Communications has been hand-picked with those same priorities in mind.

We all live what we teach, proving every day that what we do flat-out works.

Some are recently divorced and determined to move on in the right direction.

Many come to us because both Scot and Emily have ex-spouses who suffer from mental illness, and their stories are similar.

Even if you’re at wit’s end and considering divorce, definitely consult us before ending your relationship.

You definitely have options in the realm between counseling and divorce court.

We don’t believe in credibility by association, and neither should you.

Importantly, you’re also backed by the track record of eleven continuous years of consistently empowering men and women all over the world.

The names of several would likely be familiar to you already.

They want to eliminate shyness, live with more purpose, go on more adventures and/or leave a more powerful legacy.

Some want to leave the work-a-day rat race behind and savor the true freedom of location-independent entrepreneurship.

If you happen to live in Central or South Texas and would like to work with us live and in-person, that’s certainly a great idea.

Those who live elsewhere often fly to San Antonio to for coaching as well.

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Others aspire to building thriving coaching practices of their own.

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