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It might be made even more indirect by saying, "when you come to a decision to speak in public, you may find it appealing how your feelings have changed." The choice of speaking in front of the audience, the exact time and the likely responses to the whole process are framed but the imprecise language gives the client the opportunity to fill in the finer details.

This teaches that people perceive the world through the senses and store the information from the senses in the mind. When people are processing information they see images and hear sounds and voices and process this with internally created feelings.

In contrast an indirect suggestion is less authoritative and leaves an opportunity for interpretation, for example, "When you are in front of the audience, you might find yourself feeling ever more confident".

This example follows the indirect method leaving both the specific time and level of self-confidence unspecified.

O'Connor & Seymour in "Introducing NLP" describe rapport as a 'harmonious dance', an extension of natural skills, but warn against mimicry.

A direct suggestion merely states what is wanted, for example, "when you are in front of the audience you will not feel nervous".

The word 'we' does not specify who is doing the action.

Also, the word 'decision' is a process which had been turned into an abstract noun.

The Milton model has three primary aspects: Firstly, to assist in building and maintaining rapport with the client.If someone excels in some activity, it can be learned how specifically they do it by observing certain important details of their behavior.As an approach to personal development or therapy it involves understanding that people create their own internal 'map' or world, recognizing unhelpful or destructive patterns of thinking based on impoverished maps of the world, then modifying or replacing these patterns with more useful or helpful ones.The first aspect, building rapport, or empathy, is done to achieve better communication and responsiveness.NLP teaches 'mirroring' or matching body language, posture, breathing, predicates and voice tonality.

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In business or therapy, the meta-model might be used to help a client elaborate the details of problems, proposals and objectives by asking about the important information that has been left out.