Czech 2016 friends network dating

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Czech 2016 friends network dating

Czech girls are doing porn for money, they are dancing in strip clubs for money and they hope to meet a stupid foreigner who spends all his money on them. In case you still think that every single woman in this city is a gold digger who spreads her legs as soon as she sees a camera, a foreigner and a black casting couch, you need to be confronted I really hate to say that, but I have never been to a country where I have met more girls who have had some experience in the porn industry.

You are going to find them in the side streets, far from Wenceslas Square.Seriously, there are about ten guys for every girl. The only club I have been to that came close to a 50/50 ratio was the Oh and in case you came up with the glorious idea to hire a sexy party guide who has to take you and your friends to the best clubs in the city: It won’t work.Those girls get hit on by every single guy they take on a tour.Let’s assume you would ask one of your best friends about the venue to meet girls in Prague. I am pretty sure he would answer If he would have had sex in the city of stag parties, he would know that picking up girls in bars and clubs is a really bad idea.The bars and clubs are crowded with hordes of foreigners.

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In the following lines I am going to share every tiny and naughty detail I discovered during my 759 trips to the capital of the Czech Republic.