Dating advice review

Posted by / 05-Oct-2020 20:45

Dating advice review

If used correctly you can achieve a lot of things with Tinder.

There have been several million downloads on both stores and it has users from all over the world.

So I think it’s a great app and if you don’t already use, you should give it a try. I just so happen to have written articles on the Ultimate Guide to Tinder and How To Perfect Your Tinder Profile fairly recently.

Between them you’ll be completely clued up on the app, from what to write in your Tinder bio to what photos to use and in what position!

When you select yes for someone’s profile and that person also selects yes on seeing your profile, then you have a Tinder match.

You both then have the option to have a private conversation.

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Another great thing about Tinder is that it helps you find a partner relatively easy if you are gay or bisexual because you can actually put that in your search criteria.