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Now and again she would nose them with her muzzle as though she would awaken them from the long sleep that knows no waking. Two nights before he had made a kill and dragged it to their lair and last night he had fared forth again, but he had not returned. She raised her head, cocking it first upon one side and then the other, as with up-pricked ears she sought to catch the faintest repetition of that which had disturbed her. There was but the suggestion of a breeze, but what there was moved toward her from the direction of the sound she had heard, and which she still heard in a slightly increasing volume that told her that whatever was making it was approaching her.

At last, however, she abandoned her efforts, and now her whole savage heart was filled with concern for the little male cub that remained to her. Sabor was thinking, as she half dozed, of Wappi, the plump antelope, that her splendid mate might this very minute be dragging through the tangled jungle to her. As it drew closer the beast's nervousness increased and she rolled over on her belly, shutting off the milk supply from the cub, which vented its disapproval in miniature growls until a low, querulous whine from the lioness silenced him, then he stood at her side, looking first at her and then in the direction toward which she looked, cocking his little head first on one side and then on the other.

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by Jordan Harris (Coppell TX, USA) Well, I worked at the Bally Total Fitness in Lewisville, Texas for two years and I loved it! The pay was good, but I left because I wanted to work in Uptown Dallas. by Lane (Broadview Heights) Bally's is a great company to start with as a personal trainer.

The customers were great, the manager was awesome, and it was just such a fun job. They teach you how to train a client so they buy more training sessions off you. And the more certifications you have the higher the pay.

She glanced at her cub, breathing as she did so a plaintive whine.

There was always the fear that some danger menaced him—this last of her little family—but she, Sabor the lioness, was there to defend him.

The job was very enjoyable and was a sociable experience, but time to time jerks would come claiming they know everything and "own" every machine they please at any given time.

She rose to her feet, her head flattened, her sinuous tail twitching nervously.

Through that strange medium by which animals communicate with one another she cautioned her cub to lie down and remain where he was until she returned, then she moved rapidly and silently to meet the intruder.

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Also,the entire place, from members to it's employees seemed as though it was a dating "meat-market". was just to sell what ever you could, no matter if the membership was reasonable or even affordable to the potential member.

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