Dating chinese women culture

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Think of a girl trying to persuade a guy to go shopping with her but in a SUPER CUTE way using the way she speaks, expresses herself, flutters her eyes, etc.In China, guys are more highly valued by their parents because when they get married they will stick around and look after their own parents.The obvious result is that many guys who didn’t get much play at home suddenly get TONS of play in China.The girls they go for typically aren’t very beautiful by Chinese standards but, regardless of that, most Western guys find socializing here a lot easier simply because many people forgive the retarded mistakes they make.I’ve been in China for about 5 years and have dated (and am dating!) Chinese girls almost exclusively so if anybody knows something about Chinese girls…

I think people should be valued for their personalities and uniqueness).But one thing Chinese girls excel at beyond all the others is sweetness.Chinese girls are really polite and sweet to those who treat them well – there isn’t much bitchiness or rudeness from them, though this can vary depending where you are in China… Also just for fun: Chinese girls usually have pretty decent bodies and faces, there are a large amount of average girls around…this is pretty location dependent and also relates a bit to how rich the city is.Sometimes I get all warm inside when I’m allowed to be a man… In the last decade or so China has gotten very excited about the West and that means that pretty much anything Western is cool, sort of.Western TV shows, English, every expensive brand of luxury item…the Chinese have it.

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Anyone who needs evidence of Chinese girls being awesome should go to Mix or San Li Tun village in Beijing, or just email me when you get to Shanghai.

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