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Dating conman

I wanted an older man who knew how to treat a woman properly.

I was saving every penny I earned at my sales job to go travelling in Australia, so it would be nice to find a man who could spoil me whilst I saved.

When he suggested meeting that weekend, a thrill ran through me. We arranged another date, and I had to pick him up from station again as his car was still in the garage, which I thought was a little odd, but it was a Lamborghini so I assumed it might just take longer to sort than regular cars do.

We met for another lovely dinner, and after a night of wining and dining, I was excited when he said he was falling for me and wanted to see me again. After another wonderful evening together, I nervously invited James back to my house for a night cap. "It would be a shame not to make the most of it." Once back at mine, James said everything I wanted to hear, calling me his girlfriend and telling me he’d made space for my clothes in his walk in wardrobe at his Chelsea home.

He even joked that this would be the last time I would see him as he could go to prison if he didn’t pay the fine. "Don’t worry, I should be able to sort it out," he shrugged.

We woke up late the next day and as I raced around the house, James mentioned the fine again.

I hurried him out to the car so I could get to work on time, when he suddenly snapped.

"I need the money now," he growled, his soft Chelsea accent disappearing and a gruff Manchester growl coming out.

ANNA Ryan thought she’d hit the jackpot when rich businessman David promised to spoil her like a princess - but this sugar daddy turned out to be not quite as sweet as she hoped. "I’m tired of boys our age" I sighed, tossing my phone onto the couch. At 18, I was fed up with the immaturity of teenage boys I’d meet in town.James described himself as a massive overachiever who didn’t have time for dating due to work and now wanted a trophy for his arm.After a few messages via the website, we quickly exchanged numbers.We chatted for the next seven months, spending hours on the phone, and I was pleased to find James was as funny and charming as he was successful, his soft Chelsea accent making me blush.He sent me pictures of his Lamborghini and told me about a gold mining station that he owned which earnt him extra money. I was nervous about meeting James, and seven months had passed before I agreed to a date.

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I dropped him off at the station, and smiled all the way home thinking about our date.

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