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Now if you demonstrate a great sense of humor and that we have things in common, I might entertain the “age is only a number” cliché. If you want responses to messages REFRAIN FROM ALL OF THE ABOVE. There’s also not so secret Reason #20: I’m just not attracted to you. BUT a good message can make a person so much more attractive, I’m not kidding! Ones that are too specific to be copy/pasted to the entirety of the online world.

They mention something from the profile I took the time to create: a favorite movie (so easy!

But after that first rush of initial messages — which are mostly garbage, anyway — you go back to living the single life as if you never signed up for OKCupid (and Tinder) at all. Logically, you know you have to go on dates if you’re ever going to meet someone you want to be in a relationship with. If you don’t cancel, you’ll spend the few hours leading up to it being so nervous, you can barely focus on anything else. You probably over-text, want to hang out too much, and start talking about the future too seriously, therefore scaring your potential love interest away.

But the fact remains that you despise going on dates, especially first dates, so if an excuse to cancel one exists, you’ve used it. Then when you’re actually on the date, you’re just counting the seconds until you can go home and forget it happened at all. So you’ve gotten the first and second dates out of the way and everything seems good. You’re way too tempted to date people you’ve already dated.

Unfortunately, that means you’re just dating your own leftovers, and that’s not as foolproof as you’d like to think. Once you’ve put in a decent amount of work to get a relationship going, you really don’t want to throw it all away because of a couple so-called “red flags.” So what if he still talks to his ex and gets his mom to do his laundry? The truth is, you’ll put up with just about anything to avoid going back to square one. A lot of us will casually date, not really looking for anything specific just because it’s something to do.

If I don’t reply to your message once, it is possible it just got lost in the shuffle. Also, negative energy bums me out and I have no use for it in my love life, thanks.

So trying one more time won’t automatically get you a CREEP label. But “hotspot” is my new favorite pet name, so thanks for that! And probably have IBS (something I mention in my profile).

for five years, and like any new user, she was hopeful.

Emsley explains, “When you get your hopes built up …

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They’re constantly reminding you that if you want to meet someone, you have to put yourself out there.