Dating dominant men

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Dating dominant men

You don't need any clever sales techniques when you REALLY believe in what you're selling. and the girl is just watching his every move, getting ready to stop him.Well, with most guys, their core foundation is unstable and shaky. They don't feel confident in their "product." They can't escalate and "close the deal." Not only is this true in sales, it's TWICE as true with women. So why don't you have confidence in your "product"? Because of something I call "fear of pulling the trigger..." Guys spend way too much time hiding their interest in women - because of sexual panic - and not being sexually assertive enough. They think they've got to approach a woman with kid gloves and be Mr. Do you know how to go further - faster - with women? The best thing you can do to guarantee that you keep moving forward - keep escalating - is just to know when she's about to put on the brakes, and then you stop her before she stops you.You know you've reached a point where you SHOULD do something to "make a move," but you don't. Even if you've tried other methods in the past and had limited success - or NO success.Maybe there's a pause in the conversation where you should ask for her number... Or you call her up to ask her out, but she seems distracted... Or she seems ready for the kiss, and the moment is right... I'll tell you this: I've personally experienced all 5 of those situations above at one point or another.

It's that point where you shy away from showing your sexual interest in a woman. Ask yourself: If you can identify with any of those signs, it's very likely that what I'm about to tell you will completely transform your sexual success with women.

The male ego says: "Keep going until she stops you!

" But if you do this one too many times, you're cut off for good.

It's the "magic bullet" for guys who want to put an end to their sexual frustration once and for all.

lmost none of the guys out there know about this, and it's why most guys wind up settling for women instead of having a "trophy" on their arm.

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And as pissed off and frustrated as you might be, you don't want to be a manipulative jerk or deceptive just to attract a woman. BUT this situation is getting old, and you really need some results - FAST!

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