Dating for missionaries

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"I came to know about it on Sunday when they were performing some rituals, and informed the administration about it.Due to tension in the village on Sunday, they escaped from their houses in the night.” Rejecting the BJP-led Government’s offer to hold a debate in Parliament over alleged religious conversions, the Opposition on Monday disrupted the proceedings, demanding an assurance from Prime Minister Narendra Modi that incidents that disturb communal harmony would be stopped.*See the commentaries of Rashi, Sifre, and Maskil La David.There is a fundamental question posed by Christian believers that warrants a thoughtful response.

However, it should be scrutinized carefully (albeit within the limitations of this brief essay) to determine if it is the true biblical intent, as it says in Proverbs: So let’s see what the Bible really says.

” This issue is compounded by two additional assumptions, based on the New Testament book of Romans – written by Paul whose authority is questionable because he never met Jesus.

The first assumption is that mankind inherited a state of eternal damnation as a result of the “original sin” of Adam.

However, in the Christian New Testament the same verse in Isaiah is incorrectly quoted to give the impression that it is the messiah who removes sin.

Romans says: The mistranslation of the words “to Zion” to “from Zion” and, “those who turn from transgression” to “He will remove ungodliness,” distorts the meaning of the original text.

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When we find it, we move from merely existing to truly living life on purpose." — Claude Hickman Read article on purpose.