David fincher dating rooney mara

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David fincher dating rooney mara

HBO and Fincher were planning something of a mini-revolution.

He had three shows in development, “Utopia,” “Shakedown,” a 1950s crime noir series with legendary author James Ellroy, and “Videosyncrazy” (sometimes known as “Livin’ On Vide0“), a show based on Fincher’s experience creating iconic music videos in the 1980s during the heyday of the medium with stars like Madonna, Prince, George Michael and more.

This new version of “Utopia” is essentially the same, but with Flynn now as the showrunner and obviously not including the “Gone Girl” filmmaker who is a bit, how shall we say it, notoriously expensive and/or not one to compromise on cutting any corners for the budget (Fincher had planned to shoot the entire series front to back too).

The good news is that “Utopia,” the adaptation of the U. series adapted by “Gone Girl” author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn is back in the works.So even though it made 3 million worldwide co-financier MGM took what it described as “a modest loss.” Not surprisingly, they’re looking to make the sequel for cheaper — which is why Craig isn’t returning.Although the studio has an option on him for two sequel, he wants a pay raise that they’re not willing to give him.“We made that movie for an entire year, which in movie time is unheard of,” Mara remarks of the experience she and Fincher enjoyed shooting the original film.“It was one of the most incredible experiences I’ll ever have in my life, I’m sure. Some of those people are still my dearest friends in the world; making it without them would have been very strange.”" data-reactid="36" received critical accolades and five Oscar nominations, including a Best Actress nod for Mara, it didn’t become the box-office behemoth that Sony necessarily hoped for, leading to reports that the sequels were being delayed over budget concerns.

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will essentially functions as a reboot, though we don’t know if it technically is one.