Destructive updating theory

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Destructive updating theory

Now let's look at some examples: We can also form bonding orbitals using other atomic orbitals.

To a first approximation only orbitals with similar energies can combine.

It should also be recognized that a person's prior knowledge may help or hurt the construction of meaning.

People's prior knowledge comes from their past experiences, culture, and their environment.

of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Madras.

He has more than nine years of experience in teaching NDT theory and practical courses.

This belief is explained by the Constructivist Learning Theory.

This theory states that learning is an active process of creating meaning from different experiences.

Much of the material used to educate students at grade levels beyond primary school is largely text and lecture based, which have significant limitations.In Molecular Orbital Theory we view the bonding of the two H-atoms as partial constructive interference between standing wavefunctions of the 1s orbitals. A molecular orbital (like an atomic orbital) can contain no more than two electrons (Pauli Exclusion Principle), and are filled starting with the lowest energy orbital first.In general, the energy difference between a bonding and anti-bonding orbital pair becomes larger as the overlap of the atomic orbitals increase.In this type of a learning environment, students have limited opportunity to ask questions or may be uncomfortable asking a question in front of the class. Before we answer this question, ask yourself, "How do I learn best?" For example, do you learn better when someone tells you exactly how to do something, or do you learn better by doing it yourself?

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This theory builds on the electron wave functions of Quantum Mechanics to describe chemical bonding.

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