Early dating questions

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I get irritated from time to time down below, but then I did before I got ghsv1 so its hard for me to tell if its a outbreak? I went online reading EVERYTHING about people getting pregnant before their first cycle and most sites said they went on to have healthy babies.

I met a guy through a dating website, and I kinda like him.Things seem to go well, although I am not so sure about his feeling about me, as he seems to be a bit distant sometimes. Sex can't be the "centerpoint" of the relationship. It's not that I don't enjoy it, because once I get around to it, I am satisfied but I just could care less if I do have it or not.Plus, I am not sure if the Sleep Apnea is making him more tired than usual. I feel like I have no energy to even start anything. When I was pregnant I had zip, zero, no sex drive at all.The "bloody discharge" was actually spotting for my period that came over a week early. It moves a relationship to an intimate level that emotionally the people involved aren't ready for. I was told by my doctor to wait 3 cycles but I feel motivated to try again.Since I really wasn't expecting it, I thought it was an added symptom...although perhaps the early onset was a part of things? I got ghsv1 around 1 1/2 yrs ago via oral sex from a guy I was seeing who did NOT have a obvious cold sore at the time. As far as I know, my primary has been my one and only "obvious" very painful outbreak. We waited 2 weeks before sex and weren't too careful and I would just LOVE to be pregnant again- however I don't think I am.

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The very next morning I wake up and wham, I could feel that yeast infection feeling inside, the itchy one we women are familiar with.