Fired event rowupdating which Web sex no sign in

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Fired event rowupdating which

This thing I have done in data acces layer class where I make a method of an update.

I want to use this method so I can do an update in grid view directly. Grid Views can bind to Data Tables, Data Views, Arrays of Objects ..more.

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Actually I made a data acces layer class, buiness logic layer class & presentation layer(page). In most of the books generally direct update query is written on aspx page under sql data source using update commnad property & do updation in grid view. Now i do not want to use update command or connection string in sql data source.

BUT this information that I'm telling you does not matter to you because you don't care about anything the user has entered into the Grid View for editing.

Anyways, once you've populated your data source (or retrieved it from cache) you set the Grid View.But do you notice how you are calling the display() method in several different places?Wouldn't it be easier if you just had to call it once?I am just new ,so i m eager to know what is the problem actually . I just need your help Thats it This is a lot easier to understand!Ok the reason why you aren't losing data is because you are only doing your Data Bind in your Page Load event the first time the page is loaded (if ! This way your data is not getting over written when the user-provided-edit-data is posted back to the server.

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Data Source property to the object you are the Grid View.