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I’m a boomer renter who will become an expat in a few years and but a beachfront property at a fraction of what buyers in the big smoke pay for a box. Some estimates put residential real estate at 40% of the lower mainlands GDP. When real estate starting appreciating the party began.I can’t pass judgement on the rest of Canada’s real estate market but being in Vancouver I expect a US style collapse. Expect a huge unemployment problem with people having no choice but to sell. One positive….those beautiful Audios will be a bargain. People in Vancouver on average spend 8% more than they make. Bankers will turn off the money taps as the market declines. If you look at our major industries there are less jobs relative to the population than the 90’s.You might want to take advantage of sellers who this week woke up to these headlines: Vancouver Courier Such media coverage is a serious issue, and a market-maker. If you want, crave and can swing a house without gutting your finances, try it.Real estate runs on confidence, hormones and cheap money. Offer what you can afford to people increasingly anxious about selling. And a housing market where people were too pooched or terrified to buy. This is simply because it’s now evident (to this blog, anyway) conditions have changed. So when a 30% price drop comes along (swaths of the 905) or a 14% trimming of values (Toronto), or stagnation (Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax), maybe you should take notice, and take action.This is just the BEGINNING of the crash, Increases of 20 years are NOT INVALIDATED by decreases in just a few months. Neither can the incompetent at BOC/CHMC/financial ministry.Stay as far away from Canadian real estate as possible, and from TSX. Fun times ahead, RE:#4 FATLADY on at pm This quote from the article sums up the psychology of those buyers nicely: “It’s not something (the government) could have forgotten about. “There’s some level of accountability with everybody and nobody’s stepping up.” Here we have Khan refusing to acknowledge that it is 100% his own fault that he decided to risk buying a 2nd house before selling (or at least have a solid offer on) his existing house.

Yesterday was a realization day for me actually I was a person who judged people by their looks and how they live their lifestyle and I really regret it because the person whom I always misunderstood and thought that useless or cheap turned out to be the most kindest and loving ,that person has always behaved with me in a very good manner but I always criticized him and teased him and I never tried to understand that person …and now that the recession of 4 April 018 is over do not go spend your weekend getting sucked into buying a ticket here; for ten years it is: -Be careful for higher rates -Be careful of your hormones/mother-in-law/BIL/friend’s/media/Al Sinclair’s advice -Be careful for B-20 -Be careful for the stress test -Be careful not to listen to the FIRE industry -Be careful of national debt loads -Be careful of what happened during the last downturn in the GTA .tons of chiding of realtors, or any bull who may have come on here with a contrarian view.We have badly neglected our important industries and have been snorting lines of the mind altering real estate market. I know so many people who own a house and leveraged it for 3,4 or more condos. Ultimately the wages in a city have to reflect the value of real estate. So many people have given up on the city and there is a mass exodus going on as I speak. I could go on and on but looking at things in the trenches I would be extremely surprised if we don’t see a 70% decline.They are leveraged to the max because REAL ESTATE ALWAYS GOES UP. They will all run for the exits to to avoid financial ruin. Even at 70% we will still be considered extremely expensive by North American standards.So apparently there is no correlation between the era of cheap interest rates and rising prices; and thus no correlation between rising interest rates and price reductions.So prices rise with low interest rates; and prices rise with rising interest rates. If that is the case, then all pundits blaming low interest interest rates as the cause of the housing bubble are clearly wrong. Higher rates means lower prices, which is exactly what we’ve seen so far.

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This townhouse: https:// could not sell for 220 k in 2008. Buy it, Garth says invalidating all his advices since 2008 on the topic. I think it’s time for people like Khan to “step up” and take responsibility for their own actions.