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Free live sex video chat charleston sc no registration

Some carriers such as Tennessee-based Covenant Transport (No. "We put out an ad, and within 24 hours, 60 drivers responded. It gave us a competitive edge in the market." However, it does little good to raise pay, boost bonuses and sweeten benefits if fleets don’t communicate these changes effectively to potential candidates and their own drivers.

That’s where technology plays an increasingly important role.

“Now, if it’s a ‘no’ now, we’re going to stay in touch with you.

It has to be relational, where they’re interacting with you as well." As carriers deal with the realities of today’s more severe driver shortage, many are looking for ways to be more flexible in their hiring standards while maintaining safe operations, FTR notes in its Trucking Update.

That’s perhaps why only 2 percent of respondents to a recent Truckers News survey said they would change jobs for a large sign-on bonus.

Fleets in the Southeast that typically lag other regions in terms of pay have announced the largest cost-per-mile raises, Klemp says.

"And the size of some of the changes is pretty impressive." Desperate to take advantage of the booming freight market, carriers are offering drivers incentives ranging from higher pay and jumbo-sized bonuses to improved creature comforts and generous benefit packages.

If a driver had a traffic accident at 19 and now is 35, Fisk considers the current level of maturity and possible change in habits "instead of just having a list of nonqualifiers," he says.

Such flexibility may require implementing additional programs or other requirements for the new hire to be successful.

And sign-on bonuses may not be all that effective — at least for attracting the best candidates.

Most veteran drivers "don’t trust them," says Michael Fisk, director of hiring, marketing and driver development for Roadmaster Group, based in Glendale, Ariz.

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add them to your mailing list, web page, or forum unless you are sure the offerings are appropriate.

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