Free no charge no cards sex chatting

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Free no charge no cards sex chatting

I raised my head as much as I could, and looking down my chest, my eyes fell on a very unfamiliar sight. “Momo is Momo.” I slowly reached out to touch her head, feel her ears.

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Two long legs were spread, the knees on my shoulders. She broke into my house, drugged me, and the tail I’m seeing is just a hallucination. Taking a deep breath, I pushed the girl to the side and rolled out of bed. She appeared 18 and was quite lovely, tall and slender, raven-haired with good-sized breasts and beautiful face. I felt the triangular ears poking out from her long hair, finding no seam or line to suggest they had been glued on or were fake in any way.

Just over the horizon of the cheeks, the base of the black tail, still sweeping back and forth like a pendulum. I’d like to think I’d know if I had a stalker, maybe get some crazy love letters or see someone rooting through my garbage. Aside from her long black locks, the only hair on her body was on her tail, still swishing, and… On top of her head were two cat ears, each as large as the palms of her hands. The touching of her ears made her purr, a genuine cat purr, and it increased in volume as I moved down and felt the sides of her head.

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