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You and your family are suffering, and often you feel alone in the struggle. It is hard work, but the rewards can pay back dividends—you can be relationally and sexually healthy and free from the addiction cycle.

Call today (614) 949-6227 to get started on the path towards freedom. It is possible to move from sexual addiction to a satisfying and intimate relationship.

Take a free Sex Addiction Screening Test All of us have grown up in a family system that has profoundly impacted the course of our lives.

However, it is clear that people do become addicted to pornography, masturbation, affairs, and other forms of sexual acting out.

It starts with a faulty belief system that is packed with assumptions, values, ideas, and experiences that encourage and support impaired thinking.

The distortion of thought becomes the fertile ground that nurtures the addiction and keeps the addiction process from the truth of reality.

You do not have to live a sexually chaotic or addicted life. Douglas Weiss said, you have the potential of having “a phenomenal three-dimensional sex life that will reach a plane of sexual success and satisfaction you never thought possible.” This three dimensional sex life involves relational intimacy on 3 levels: body, soul, & spirit.

Sexual addiction short-circuits the ability to meet our core desires but addiction does not have to have the last word.

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