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Intimidating witness california

The man, Karl Rodriguez, an acquaintance of the victim, said he then arranged to return it to the man's family.Rodriguez was only interviewed by police this month.For example, celebrities are often the target of domestic violence complaints -- sometimes fairly and sometimes just because the accuser wants to create a sensation and maybe scare the celebrity into a favorable settlement so that his or her reputation doesn't become tarnished.It's often hard to say what exactly is happening in a highly publicized case where both parties have their own public relations teams -- but if you want to remove all doubt from the public's mind about your guilt, do what singer Mel B, of "Spice Girl" fame, just did: send threatening texts to the witness that your husband's attorney has called on to testify in your upcoming case.If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, do not wait to retain legal counsel. Learn more about specific charges on our criminal law pages.If you're trying to convince the judge that you're either innocent of domestic violence allegations or the actual victim of domestic violence, here is a piece of advice you can take to heart: Don't try to intimidate a witness in your case.A San Francisco murder suspect's attorney sought assurances Wednesday that he would not be arrested for arranging what prosecutors called a "blatant act of witness intimidation" involving eight suspected gang members who stood up during a witness' testimony.The defendant, Charles "Cheese" Heard, 25, was ordered to stand trial Wednesday on murder, attempted robbery and weapons charges linked to the slaying of Richard Barrett, 29, outside a Broadway nightclub in November 2008.

Lazo called his ex while on the phone with Beach, according to detectives."I can't guarantee that you won't be arrested," Douglass said."The district attorney can arrest who he wants." Swart called Safire's threatened withdrawal from the case "just another delaying gamesmanship on the part of Mr."Our office is providing no such assurance." The woman's testimony was followed by another courtroom revelation - this one surrounding what police said triggered the slaying: the pendant of the Bamm-Bamm character.A witness testified how he - and not a robber - had taken the bejeweled pendant from the dying man.

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Rodriguez said Barrett was gasping for air, clutching his chest with one hand, and holding the chain and pendant with the other. "I knew I could get it back to the family," he said.