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Joe dempsie dating

Themes of the degree The field of 18-19 Virgo seems to be associated with large amounts of money, scientific and electronic milestones, professional thresholds, significant meetings and unions, and—I hesitate to say—violence and disasters.(Violence and disasters occur under all degrees, but the ones under these degrees have a Mercury element to them in that they involve air travel, bridges, cars, railroads and subways.) Monetary theme I have found 18-19 Virgo has a very strong money theme with it.Beginnings reflecting 18-19 Virgo/Pisces The 18 degree of Virgo/Pisces appears to be prominent when highly profitable businesses take their first steps or when legendary beginnings take place.These events carry the “expanding boundaries” feel of these degrees, the Aries/Capricorn influence, and the “threshold” quality of degrees occurring at the end of the sign’s decanate, which usually involve the closing of a preceding life chapter.(Mercury and Jupiter are rulers of her natal 2 houses) LW3 won a million prize in the Massachusetts lottery, when his secondary progressed Pluto was at 18 Virgo 35. The Dow Jones closed above 14,000 for the first time on July 19, 2007, with Uranus at 18 Pisces 25, opposing the Midheaven (for PM, New York) at 19 Virgo 56.On July 24, 2007, with Uranus still at 18 Pisces, the market sustained its biggest drop since Sept. (On March 16, 1830, the Dow had its record for the lowest volume day, with the North Node at 19 Virgo 04.) Not all progressed 18 Virgo/Pisces occurrences are about stock exchanges and commerce, or winning or acquiring wealth.(The Aries dwad includes 17-20 degrees of Virgo.) The 18-19 degrees of Pisces fall in the Moon decanate of Pisces (Cancer-ruled), and the Libran dwad.

Leona Helmsley, the alleged “queen of mean,” had a secondary progressed Sun at 18 Virgo 30 conjunct a secondary progressed Saturn at 15 Virgo 28 when she was found guilty of 33 counts of tax evasion and sentenced to 4 years in prison (Aug. Victor Gerena pulled off what has been called the heist of the century when he confiscated million from a Wells Fargo Depository in West Hartford, Connecticut on Sept. At the time of the heist, his converse solar arc Mars was at 18 Pisces 08.A mutable degree such as Virgo, immersed with cardinal sign signatures such as Capricorn and Aries, suggests impetus and initiative, but in a methodical manner, lacking the impulsiveness of Aries.To add further to this, all degrees of Virgo have solstice point relationships with Aries.(I am not using names, as I am not clear on whether lottery winners are considered public figures. The activity of the stock market has been highly volatile throughout the summer of 2007, owing, I suspect, in no small part to transiting Uranus at 17-18 Pisces transiting opposite the degree of the September 2007 eclipse.Their natal data comes from the Astrodatabank software.) Lottery Winner I (LW1) won a .7 million Massachusetts lottery prize with a secondary progressed Moon at 18 Virgo 01. At the time her converse secondary progressed Mercury/Jupiter midpoint was 18 Virgo 06. Earlier in the summer, on June 22, 2007, with transiting Uranus at 18 Pisces, the Dow hit a record for the highest volume day of trading.

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