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That seems a little unorthodox, but Phan appeared to be fine with it, telling magazine, "People were always like, 'Isn't that weird? There's a reason why many people are opposed to starting a relationship with a colleague or a business partner.It's because the lines between business and pleasure can become blurred and spell doom for even the most solid relationships.Here are some of the reasons Jonathan Scott broke up with Jacinta Kuznetsov.After meeting at a 2015 charity event, the famous contractor failed to seal the deal by asking Kuznetsov for her digits.So, did working together Even though he's been portrayed on TV as a lifelong bachelor, Jonathan Scott is actually a divorcé.He met his ex-wife, a waitress and model named Kelsey, in 2007, and the young lovers got hitched right away. so it wasn't something that naturally happened," he told magazine."I've never shared much about the impact divorce had on me, because why put something so sad out there? It shook me right to the core." Even though the traumatic experience is in his rear view mirror, we wouldn't be surprised if his divorce made him hesitate to take his relationship with Kuznetsov to the next level.

The home improvement guru blindsided his Instagram followers when he shared the news of his relationship's demise."I promised to drop the drama and she pledged to set aside the sass.It turned out to be the beginning of something truly special," he said.They're good people, but they're not right together." Since Drew seems to be the twin that's being more forthright about the crumbling romance, we're going to need him to spill some more deets about Jonathan's changing status. The bond that exists between identical twins Jonathan and Drew Scott has kept them attached at the hip, even as adults. When Jonathan began dating Kuznetsov, she moved into the home, as well. Drew talked to about breaking away from his brother.They purchased a home together in Las Vegas, and after Drew met his fiancée, Linda Phan, she moved into the home with the twins. "Since we've been in the same city for so long, it's going to be weird," he said, "but we're always together for work." Now that Scott's relationship has crashed and burned, it makes us wonder if being in a separate country away from his twin caused additional stress that ultimately strained his love life.

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Despite this universal notion, Kuznetsov left her job as the producer of a Canadian music radio talk show, according to , to work at the twins' production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment.

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