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Mental illness dating service

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There might also be an element of contagion; where one partner influences the other.

If one spouse drinks alcohol excessively, this might have an impact on their partner’s drinking, or their partner’s mental health in other domains.

A study published in JAMA Psychiatry this week sheds light on the influence of psychiatric disorders on relationships and mating.

Marital resemblance is the degree to which we marry people who resemble us in some characteristic or another.

For instance, marital resemblance is positively correlated for personality, height and weight – so we have a positive tendency to marry people who are similar to us on these characteristics.

We marry those who we can “afford”, not necessary the most “expensive”.

In terms of helping us understand the laws of attraction, this study probably doesn’t add much.

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It might be that the correlations are simply due to mixing in similar circles.

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