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Mike leach dating advice

“It’s too late to rescue you,” Leach said before going on a three-minute rant that was comedy gold.

“The best wisdom I can possibly give on that subject — nine days, you should have come to me sooner — my wisdom would be you have to stay out of the way.” Leach continued by saying, “The women lose their minds.” Leach advised the reported to always say, “I don’t care,” but then he backpedaled and admitted that response is a catch-22.

Which means he's been around long enough that even his quirkiest character-driven material is beginning to circle back upon itself.

* * * On Saturday, Leach's 3-1 Washington State team will face No. If the Cougars win, it would be the biggest shock of the college football season to date.

And it is already clear that, in their second season, the Cougars are improved: They were good enough to beat a reeling USC team in a defensive slog a few weeks ago (though they are probably not good enough to beat a Stanford team that might be better than anyone west of the Mississippi).

It seems not entirely impossible that Leach could build the Cougars into a consistent winning program.

The coach also gave some pretty specific examples almost as if he detailed some first-hand experiences from his own wedding planning.

It's worked out pretty good, because I've been married ... Thirty years or something." This is Mike Leach in 2013.This is Leach's second season at WSU, following his forced departure from Texas Tech amid a legal dispute over the treatment of the son of unemployed broadcaster Craig James; the Cougars went 3-9 last year, and Leach got into trouble for alluding to his players as "empty corpses" and "zombies," and his star receiver accused him of being abusive and then recanted.It was an ugly and combative season, and it appeared to raise questions, not for the first time, about whether Leach is too inherently strange to handle the political elements of football coaching.That criticism was probably unfair and certainly premature.Leach was taking over a moribund program with an inglorious history, and it will take time before anyone can judge his tenure at Washington State properly.

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