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Mikhail reyzin dating

He is a distinguished young alumni of his alma mater IIT Bombay.The concepts of subsampling and sketching have recently received much attention by the optimization and statistics communities.We propose a privacy-preserving framework for learning visual classifiers by leveraging distributed private image data.This framework is designed to aggregate multiple classifiers updated locally using private data and to ensure that no private information about the data is exposed during its learning procedure.

A minimal property that is natural for many datasets is "exchangeability", i.e.His current research interests are at the interface of Statistical Inference and Social Data Processing.His work has been recognized through prize paper awards in Machine Learning, Operations Research and Computer Science, as well as career prizes including 2010 Erlang prize from the INFORMS Applied Probability Society and 2008 ACM Sigmetrics Rising Star Award.We focus on linear computations as an essential operation in many iterative algorithms.A known solution is to use a linear secret sharing scheme to divide the data into secret shares on which the workers can compute.

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The diagnostic is illustrated in an application to speed up convergence of stochastic gradient descent, by halving the learning rate each time stationarity is detected.