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My camfree

The performance advantage of 3.5 and 4mil materials over 2mil xply was well established in tests the summer of 2015.Durability The HD version is the best choice for windsurfers looking for longevity, the normal version is more budget friendly.This can cause "a slight minimal wave or impression" in the fabric. When making a warranty claim in the 2nd year the product must have clearly suffered from a manufacturer error.Weight There is almost no difference in the weight of the sail as the full biax X-ply version layer thickness is 3.5 mil compared to 4 mil monofilm. Both the orange (bi-ply 4mil monofilm) and the blue (3.5mil biax xply) materials are more stretch-resistant compared to the 2mil (triax) that some brands use for flatwater sails.Note that our colored monofilms are actually bi-plys with colorants in the glue- their UV resistance very similar to X-ply's.It is more the main window panel where the HD version stands out- the HD xply window is substantially better regarding UV degredation compared to one-layer monofilm.

One of the most test-winning sails of all time, the Oxygen is a progressive slalom high-performance rig in an easy, camfree package.As long as you follow the general internet safety advice, keep your machine virus free and you’re not a notable public figure - it’s unlikely that you’ll have someone try to specifically target you to active your webcam without your knowledge.Having said that, the best way to avoid worrying about this ever again is to go and get some tape, and make sure that all your webcam will see is darkness until you decide otherwise. Would you like to be able to view your Netflix or Amazon content where ever you like? The standard internet safety tips are the most relevant here.Ensure that your anti-virus is up to date at all times, and do not open e-mail attachments unless you are expecting them from people you know.

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However, that doesn’t mean we can’t take some extra care too.

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