Nick broomfield dating

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Nick broomfield dating

His latest feature Tales Of The Grim Sleeper just might be Broomfield’s finest achievement to date and Collider got a chance to chat with him about it at this year’s New York Film Festival. When Nick Broomfield set out to make Tales Of The Grim Sleeper (read my review here), it felt like return to familiar serial killer subject matter.The Grim Sleeper is Lonnie Franklin Jr., who was arrested in 2010 for upwards of 25 murders in Los Angeles stretching back to 1988.Broomfield says: “Robyn comes through very strong, you feel her love, whether they’re singing, or just in the room together. Dogwoof proudly presents the UK premiere of WHITNEY ‘Can I Be Me', followed by a Q&A with acclaimed director Nick Broomfield and a tribute performance by Michelle John from The Voice, brought to the big screen live via satellite.You always let the your films evolve as you’re making them. Did you know about the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders or anything like that?BROOMFIELD: I didn’t know about the Black Coalition.Broadcast live from Sheffield Doc/Fest, this exclusive event creates the ultimate Whitney moment with largely never-seen before footage and exclusive live recordings.

The film, however, drew sharp criticism from Houston's family, with sister-in-law Pat Houston writing, "You should not be surprised that someone decided to do a made-for-TV biopic.

returns to the story of Aileen Wuornos, the highway prostitute convicted of killing six men in Florida between 19.

Interviewing an increasingly mentally unstable Wuornos, Broomfield captures the distorted mind of a murderer whom the state of Florida deems of sound mind – and therefore fit to execute.

Asked about the film, a spokesperson for Houston's family tells , Broomfield posits that Suge Knight was behind the murders of both MCs, with help from members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Houston died in February 2012 with an autopsy report naming accidental drowning as the cause of death, although cocaine use and a heart condition were listed as contributing causes.

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Ahead of the release of legendary documentarian Nick Broomfield’s latest film, Whitney ‘Can I Be Me’, we’re giving you the chance to revisit some of his most iconic docs in this Doc House retrospective.

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