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Urging the government to make efforts to reclaim the land and the river, she disclosed '30 to 40 couples visit our hospital daily'. Dhanabagiyam, another popular IVF specialist in Tirupur, carried out a study of the region.Her research revealed that an alarming 80 per cent of impotence cases were a result of water pollution.Tamil Nadu had earliar also alleged that Kerala was drawing water in excess of what has been allocated to it by the tribunal.The apex court had on 9 December, 2016 upheld the maintainability of appeals filed by the riparian states saying it has the "jurisdiction to decide the parameters, scope, authority and jurisdiction of the tribunal".'It is a classic case of the victim turning to the perpetrator for succour,' Ramasamy added.Farming and allied activities were thriving in these villages, surrounded by coconut and mango groves, barely two decades ago.The apex court had in January said the verdict would be pronounced within a month, adding that the matter has already created enough confusion for decades.

Environmental degradation is a major cause of this,' Dr Nirmala Sadasivam, a specialist in IVF treatment, said.

There is growing apprehension about sterility coupled with worry over the loss of livelihood.

Our women too face this problem as the frequency of conception has come down drastically,' T. Duraisamy, 56, former panchayat president of Thammareddypalayam, a fertile village now desertified, bemoaned.

'As a boy, I saw our milch animals, especially cows, yielding a minimum of 10 calves.

It is not the case nowadays and has had a cascading effect on the local economy.

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The final award makes a yearly allocation of 419 thousand million cubic feet to Tamil Nadu in the entire Cauvery basin, 270 thousand million cubic feet to Karnataka, 30 thousand million cubic feet to Kerala and 7 thousand million cubic feet to Puducherry.

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