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The action set off unprecedented censure from the European Union.

You can register free today and enjoy communicating.Even if it meant putting up with darkness in the afternoon, they would rather be on European time because it meant being part of the European Union.But last week, Poland challenged the very notion of what it means to be part of the bloc when the country pushed ahead with controversial measures to overhaul its judicial system and essentially put the courts under the control of the governing party.He pointed to a new provision that allows for something known as a special extraordinary appeal, which would essentially allow any case over the past 20 years to be reopened.“The result of this new legal tool will be over one million cases reopened over three years,” he speculated. Just one day after the legislation became law, Poland’s new prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, stood side by side in Warsaw with Britain’s prime minister, Theresa May, to announce a new defense agreement and a commitment to protecting the rights of the one million Poles in Britain after it leaves the bloc. May danced around a question about the battle over the courts.“These constitutional issues are normally, and should be primarily, a matter for the individual country concerned,” she said, expressing the hope that negotiations with Brussels would resolve any outstanding issues.

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This is still a nation, however, that wants to stand with the West.

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