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Since then I have drained the pool and kept it idle, pending another resurfacing job. The plastering trade tends to be very secretive about their techniques.

You first form a pat of cement 3 inches in diameter by 1/2 inch thick on a glass plate (a scrap tile will do).

Despite what the contractor's salesmen want you to believe, it is not a mysterious material containing diamonds or secret ingredients.

While the aggregate in common concrete (such as is used to pour slabs and sidewalks) is stone gravel in a blend of sizes, in pool plaster the aggregate is fine quartz sand (also called silica sand, quartz being also called silica) or very fine marble dust.

Plus the unknown cost of having to live with an ugly, hazardous construction site instead of a pretty pool for a whole year.

Plus a few 00's for a few upgrades to the original plans that "would be nice" and "hardly much more trouble." Less a few 00's saved on all those jobs I can do now with these shiny tools and new techniques.

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