Sex chat legal in thailand

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Sex chat legal in thailand

In 1960, the international community put pressure on Thailand to act against human trafficking in the sex industry.The parliament thus passed a law, making prostitution illegal: the allowed some businesses to offer “special services” which were not explicitly sexual.Therefore, in the 60’s, prostitution was rendered illegal but “special establishments” were authorized, which weakened the autonomy of the prostitutes whom could no longer work independently.At that point, the World Bank started promoting tourism as a way for Thailand to pay for development.It is to be noted that most clients are Thai men: more than 70% of Thai men have had their first sexual experiences with prostitutes.It is a common form of recreation among men in Thailand.But this economic miracle was largely turned towards urban centers, leaving rural areas completely cut off from economic growth.

Other “special services” occurred at bathhouses, karaoke, etc.In the 50’s and 60’s, the US military started to station troops in Thailand.Indeed, Thailand is close to Vietnam, and the US had concerns about the spread of communism in the region.But in the development policies, there was a big difference between the expectations falling on women and the opportunities they could actually find.There are big expectations on women to provide for their family and they are expected to be breadwinners.

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The foreign influence allowed for this industry to get to this scale, but the industry is mostly supported by Thai men. Under this new law, customers, establishment owners and parents involved in child prostitution were facing fines and incarceration.

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