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Homeland Defense was founded to create a new basis for a public employee's union. [O]n several recent big issues, President Obama has not taken the challenging, but necessary step up to the plate to demonstrate why America needs to lead in the world.His actions instead seem to suggest that we can lead from behind, which goes against everything that our country has stood for in the past.[President Obama] politicized science to advance his agenda.His scientific appointees in the White House, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Food and Drug Administration were distinguished by their progressive ideology, not the quality of their research.I have two wonderful children so people intrested will need to understand what this involves. My match would be someone that is adventourous and spontaous but also be reliable. Looks are important to me just as a man having hair. Ideally looking to date a man between 39 - 49 in hope of a long term/permanent relationshi..I would love some one who can make me laugh and everything else is depantant on their perosonality really. ‚hwould like to find one gentleman who is understanding, patient, honest with a stable job, who is not afraid of dealing with English by foreigners..

The federal government has unilaterally broken a basic element of the social contract — that the citizen will give up private use of violence and support the government in exchange for protection. Both the military and police have given up any pretense of attempting to control Islamic terrorism. In an increasingly dangerous world, Obama has checked out as commander in chief.

Obama's Incompetence And Chaos Far Eclipsed What's Coming From Team Trump.

Many in the media are warning that President Donald Trump is incompetent and doesn't know what he's doing.

Obama was not born into substantial wealth, but his family on both sides was well connected, providing a traditional advantage that allowed him entry into elite society.

But the real moment of clarity in the first Year of the Trump comes as America realizes just how incompetent and phony Barack Obama was.

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