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On 20 January 2011, Google announced that Schmidt would step down as the CEO of Google but continue as the executive chairman of the company and act as an adviser to co-founders Page and Brin.

Google gave him a 0 million equity award in 2011 when he stepped down as CEO.

The foundation has also awarded grants to the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Energy Foundation.

The Schmidts, working with Heart Howerton, a San Francisco architectural firm that specializes in large-scale land use, have inaugurated several projects on the island of Nantucket that seek to sustain the unique character of the island and to minimize the impact of seasonal visitation on the island's core community. Schmidt offered the prize purse of the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE, a challenge award for the efficient capturing of crude oil from seawater motivated by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

He presided over a period of decline at Novell where its IPX protocol was being replaced by open TCP/IP products, while at the same time Microsoft was shipping free TCP/IP stacks in Windows 95, making Novell much less profitable.

In 2001, he departed after the acquisition of Cambridge Technology Partners.

In 1979, at the University of California, Berkeley, Schmidt then earned an M. degree for designing and implementing a network (Berknet) linking the campus computer center with the CS and EECS departments.In 2009, Eric and Wendy Schmidt endowed the Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund at Princeton University with million.The Fund’s purpose is to support cutting edge research and technology in the natural sciences and engineering, encouraging collaboration across disciplines.that later became the subject of the High-Tech Employee Antitrust Litigation case that resulted in a settlement of 5 million paid by Adobe, Apple, Google and Intel to employees.In one incident, after receiving a complaint from Steve Jobs of Apple, Schmidt sent an email to Google's HR department saying; "I believe we have a policy of no recruiting from Apple and this is a direct inbound request.

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they recruited Schmidt to run their company in 2001 under the guidance of venture capitalists John Doerr and Michael Moritz.