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Spy camxxxx

Okay, Guys and Gals, it's time to up-date what we have learned about the scope of the piracy problem on MFC and other web-sites.

This is a continuation of the discussion begun in the Topic "Cayne pulls the MFC Models of the Fun Forum," which talked of a clear win for the Legal Department on MFC when they removed all the 70,000 videos posted on Cayne's thread last July - but apparently they only did so under tremendous pressure from their top 20 models who organized a campaign for their removal. topic=1849 Unfortunately, what Miss Jane wrote last Spring remains even more true today than the day she wrote it. entry11881 And we have returned to a kind of tacit detente with the pirates where they win nine times out of ten.

And then there's another sub-set of "fanboy-pirate" forums dedicated to particular cam sites such as DS, Peeks, RS, and SF that target mainly cam-models from the Studios in Colombia, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine - so they are a lesser concern for Western, independent models.

The forumxxxx thread for example, was started in August 2009 and now runs about 136 pages of pirated videos.

All MFC ended up getting from the "Sharpshooter's" web-masters by way of a concession, is this bogus announcement at the top of their home page - which is never enforced by them nor by MFC's white-hat watchdogs- "RMC." Wii post Today, PM Post #1 Forum Masterb8r ******* Group: Administrator Posts: 4176 Points: 13515 Joined: 20-January 05 Due to some issues do not make any video posts that say *MFC*s or MFC in the text, screen caps, or file name.

Any posts containing videos that are labeled as *MFC*s/MFC content will be removed from this section of the forum without notice to the posters.

23rd, 2010 - Freedie Freeloader- 98 posts (usually 3-4 videos of Slovak models in each) since Nov.

The seven most recent posters are all grouped near the top of the first page.We know the location of the vids every day, and the hours that they're going to be available for download.It can be frustrating at times on both sides, but for now it's workable.) I've spoken to someone in admin, and apparently there's nothing wrong with camgirl threads as long as the videos don't come from the prohibited sites.So, let's start up a new camgirls thread for all those girls from all the other sites apart from LJ (which is now on the prohibited list).

Spy camxxxx-34Spy camxxxx-75Spy camxxxx-70

And then there's the rest of the pirate crew - Antrrax (Nairobbi), Bonaquil, and Whisper Xxxxx and many, many others - who have transformed Leo Radnitzky's MFC model line-up into their personal "shooting gallery." This has exploded since October 2010.

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