Thugs 4 sex chat

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Thugs 4 sex chat

" "Oh please, stop, it is way too big" "Admit it, you love having this giant cock up you". The initial feelings of pain were beginning to subside as her tight hole became accustom and were being replaced by ones of arousal. "How do you think you husband would feel if he knew you liked black cock ? Not for the first time she lied to cover up her how she felt.

Indeed, the thought had spurred her on and she had eagerly bobbed her head up and down the monster, taking it all in, kneading his balls so that he could relieve himself once more down her mouth.

Silently, he willed Charles on to finish the job he had started. He decided the best way forward, amidst all the howls of protest was to go deeper, and he pushed a further 4 inches in. Ignoring her screams of protests, he now slowly moved his cock in and out of her stretched opening, but only removed and reinserted a few inches.

Charles for the first time this evening, whilst fucking the young wife, decided to be considerate, and not immediately be too rough.

Charles took over, marvelling at the way his massive black cock contrasted with the redness of her bottom. "Slut, you will take my cock all the way up your pussy, whether you like it or not." Just a few feet away, Peter watched, furiously wanking himself off as he looked in on the amazing scene ahead.

Jane softly asked "Please if your going to will you use a condom" This never even warranted an answer. Then, Jane felt pressure being applied against her opening. Slowly and gently at first he pushed his cock up against her vaginal opening. Jane's face was contorted with agony, whilst Charles face was screwed up in determination.

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