Together 2gether dating

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Together 2gether dating

In 2005, during the filming of Reaching for the Stars, Ella burned her ears and hair on a candle, prompting crew members to send her to the National Taiwan University Hospital.

Her unusually deep voice earned her a starring role as the voice of Arthur in the Mandarin version of Arthur and the Minimoys.

"They had a great time together, ate pasta and fish and tipped well," a staff member at the restaurant added. We've worked for many years together, but I don't think that's ever going to happen because I'm smarter than that," she quipped.

Sources at the time revealed Giada and Bobby were "spending a lot of time together" and "even when work keeps them apart, they’re phoning and texting each other all the time! Now, Bobby has been happily dating actress Heléne Yorke for nearly two years.

In 2012, Ella started to venture into the big screen in her first full-length film New Perfect Two (新天生一對) alongside Vic Zhou (周渝民) and was immediately followed by another equally successful movie Bad Girls (女孩坏坏) with Mike He (賀軍翔).

When she traveled with her sister to Taipei for a holiday, Ella discovered that her older sister had registered her for a singing competition.Giada has similarly moved on from her divorce with TV producer Shane Farley.So, Bobby and Giada are definitely not dating today, but maybe they'll get together in the future — fingers crossed!2010 marked Ella's return to the drama series arena when with Jerry Yan (言承旭), she led the cast of Down With Love (就想賴著妳).Again, she showed an undeniable strength to draw a large number of audience because of its success despite of being leaked before the 3rd episode was aired.

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She was nominated for Best Entertainment TV Show Host along with Yu at the 49th Golden Bell Awards.

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