Updating lame for cdex

Posted by / 30-Oct-2020 10:19

I'll be speaking at the Atlanta, GA Spring Meetup on Tuesday the 10th where I'll be looking about all things new, including reactive programming, Spring Web Flux, Spring Cloud Finchley, Spring Cloud Function and Project Riff. There's so much good stuff happening in the neighborhood that one can't help but soak it all up.

I'll also be doing a book signing at JAX, so don't miss that! It looks like it's going to be an exciting adventure.I couldn't find a clear picture of what the VISA requirements were for entering the country, either. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/VPcg72Xu VN— Josh Long (龙之春, जोश) (@starbuxman) March 7, 2018 Needless to say, I was even more grateful to be flying Emirates on my way to my next stop, India!Most websites I found said that Americans didn't need VISAs, but I couldn't readily find anything that looked like it was from the Dubai government. It was as if Apple or Tesla had designed an immigration system. 06 March 2018 I woke up Wednesday the 28th of February prepared to get on a flight to Glasgow, Scotland. I even got out of bed, took a hasty shower, and talked to my partner Tammie about the type of plane and we talked about her plans while I was gone.Naresh, shown below, did me a author Gregor Hohpe...microservices master and Thoughtworker James Lewis.. .microservices master Fred Georges (on the right) and new friends like Jutta Eckstein (on the left)..

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