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Updating your graphics card

Most full-sized tower cases can accommodate even the biggest graphics cards.

If you have a smaller case (like a mid-tower or compact), you’ll have fewer choices.

If you only have an x8-speed slot, that’ll work too, though performance on the most intense games might be a little limited.

The important part is that you need a full-sized slot and not one that’s designed for smaller x1, x2, or x4 cards.

RELATED: Almost all modern graphics cards require a PCI-E x16 slot, and almost all motherboards that feature any full-sized PCI-E slots at all will have one.

If you’ve already got another type of card plugged in next to the slot you’ll use for your graphics card, you’ll need to take that space limitation into account. While low-end and mid-tier cards are generally short enough to fit most cases, more powerful cards tend to be much longer.

And in some cases your available space might be further limited by where hard drives are installed, where cables are plugged into your motherboard, and how power cables are run.

Some low-power cards can run from the electricity supplied by the motherboard alone, but most cards need a separate input straight from the power supply.

Check the specifications on the card you’re choosing.

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If you’re not sure how much your other computer components are taking up, use this handy online calculator.

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