Validating cluster resource ip address

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Validating cluster resource ip address

Issue 1: SQL Server service accounts are unable to contact a domain controller.

Resolution 1: Check your event logs for signs of networking issues such as adapter failures or DNS problems. Issue 2: SQL Server service account passwords are not identical on all cluster nodes, or the node does not restart a SQL Server service that has migrated from a failed node.

Resolution 3: To connect using Named Pipes, create an alias using the SQL Server Configuration Manager to connect to the appropriate computer.

For example, if you have a cluster with two nodes (Node A and Node B), and a failover cluster instance (Virtsql) with a default instance, you can connect to the server that has the Network Name resource offline using the following steps: Issue: An orphan registry key in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL. X registry hive is not currently in use, and then delete the cluster key.

Issue 1: Firmware or drivers are not updated on all nodes.

The first diagnostic step is to run a fresh cluster validation check.

For details on validation, see Failover Cluster Step-by-Step Guide: Validating Hardware for a Failover Cluster.

If the entire storage category was excluded from being tested, then this prompt is not displayed.

This will enable cluster validation with no downtime.

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This can be completed without any interruption of service as it does not affect any online cluster resources.