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Des Moines Water Works appreciates the cooperation and understanding from customers during construction and will work with contractors to minimize the inconvenience to customers impacted by the following projects: Polk County Water Main Replacement – CONTRACT 1 Governor Kim Reynolds requested water quality legislation be the first bill she signs as governor.

After an interim of arm-twisting and cajoling by interest groups and less than 40 minutes of floor debate, the Iowa legislature acquiesced when the Iowa House passed Senate File 512.

So, what does good water quality legislation actually look like? In 2017, Des Moines Water Works provided over ,000 to local organizations with curriculum or events designed to build awareness and appreciation for the value of water as a vital resource or build awareness for source water quality and quantity.

A few of these organizations include: Community Youth Concepts, Polk County Conservation, Water Rocks! More information about Des Moines Water Works’ sponsorship program and an online sponsorship application is available at com/about-us/sponsorships.

Des Moines Water Works budgets for water main replacement to maintain and upgrade the distribution system by replacing water mains that have a history of breaks, to improve the fire flow, relocating to accommodate city, county, or state construction projects, and upgrading water mains to meet the needs of customers.

Several factors impact which water mains are replaced and the approach to planning for 2018 was different than in years past.

Three teams of volunteers covered over 80 river miles in just three days.

The intensive sampling will provide the researchers an opportunity to understand how each branch varies at a much finer scale.

A team of scientists from Drake University has been investigating changes in the Raccoon River at various locations over an 18-month period.

All requests for in-kind and/or financial support must be made by February 28 of each year using the online form.

Des Moines Water Works thanks its community partners working to provide education, appreciation for and accessibility of safe and affordable drinking water.

Des Moines Water Works’ Long Range Plan through 2040 included the analysis of water main break data occurring within the system.

Through this analysis, a relative risk score was created based on the assessment of consequence of failure, likelihood of failure, and a capacity factor.

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Pipe segments consisting of risk scores in the highest range are highly recommended for replacement.