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Bod chenpo [T bod chen po] ‘Greater Tibet’; term introduced by Gedün Chopel to cover all areas of traditional Tibetan culture and influence. bodhicitta [S] ‘thought of Enlightenment’; intense desire to attain Buddhahood in order to relieve all beings from suffering, the motive force for the attainment of Buddhahood; in Tantric physiology, male and female sexual fluids as the physical aspect of this motivational force.bodhisattva [S] person who has made an irreversible vow to attain Buddhahood; deity who manifests aspect of Buddha-activity.

The colored sands will be swept up and half are shared with the students watching the ceremony and the other half are returned to the elements by pouring them into a nearby body of water where the waters carry the healing energies throughout the world.Anuttarayoga Tantra [S] Class of Buddhist Tantric practices.asura‘demigods’; one of the Six Realms of Rebirth; divine beings continually at war with the deva.changchub sem [T byang chub sems] Tibetan equivalent to bodhicitta.changchub sempa [T byang chub sems dpa’] Tibetan equivalent to bodhisattva.

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scontent: 1 b Value: -1 e Value:1 The Creation of the Mandala Symbolism of the Mandala History of the Monks Prayer Flags Offering Scarves Ritual Items The Eight Auspicious Symbols Useful Tibetan Phrases From Monday, March 13 through Friday, March 18, Salisbury University hosted 11 Tibetan monks from the famed Drepung Loseling Monastery. The monks will be creating a mandala sand painting.