White girl dating black guy jokes

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White girl dating black guy jokes

So let’s assume that I’m right and you like him and you’d like it if he wants you back.

I would even bet that you’re probably hoping I write back that he does like you. At the heart of all of these games and guesses is doubt.

To answer your question from the information you’ve given me… From what you told me, my read on what you’re trying to figure out is one of three scenarios: a) you want to know that he likes you because knowing someone likes you feels good, b) he is indifferent to you (in the romantic sense), but you and you’re seeing what you want to see, c) you don’t know whether or not he likes you, but you’d be open to starting something with him.

I’m going to go with the assumption that you like him, mainly because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have asked.

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And then actually pomp them and start going out in public together and stand in the queue at movies with them and all that?

Go to braais and say, “This is my girlfriend Letsego? Maybe you know some Xhosa, maybe you’ve had black friends all your life, maybe you been building RDP houses in Katlehong for the past ten years. When you hang with her mates, you will spend a lot of time staring blankly into the middle distance, smiling vaguely, while people bellow at each other in vernac, laugh their arses off and generally have more fun than you.

OK, so what are some signs you can tell if he likes you? Here’s a checklist off the top of my head: That’s a pretty good list of things that can let you know if he’s into you.

Some guys play it cool and don’t overtly show a lot of signs, so if you don’t notice these things it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t like you.

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If you’re going to read it, keep in mind that is way more important than what you do.

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