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Who dating jensen ackles

While Jensen has predominately stayed on the small screen, creating characters that are loved and enjoyed by many on a weekly basis he has also stared in several movies including De Vour where Jensen’s real-life father played his father on screen too and the slasher remake My Bloody Valentine.” and began dating.The pair made their first public appearance in early 2009 before later that same year announcing their engagement.On May 15 2010 in Jensen’s hometown of Dallas, Texas Jensen and Danneel exchanged vows and several years later, in May 2013 the couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Justice Jay “JJ” Ackles.The family resides in Austin, Texas when Jensen is not shooting Supernatural in Vancouver, Canada.Csomó klassz újdonsággal készülünk, szeretettel várunk mindenkit!Danneel Ackles is currently married to Jensen Ackles.^^--that last one is kinda wrong i have no idea if Jared is dating anyone or who "genevieve Cortes" is but the girl who plays ruby is KATIE CASSIDY. ^^ on 4th series we can see Ruby but this is no Cassidy anymore.

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