Who is kelly from the game dating in real life

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Who is kelly from the game dating in real life

The Kelly model is super hot and I just love the art styles of n these games.

They at least don`t look like the typical DAZ models and backgrounds seen in other similar games. So far, I have got ending three twice, after a blowjob, cumming on her hair, and after cumming on her ass.

bag i cant bear hold it romeo send them wine *at home* i dont know beautiful women kiss her that was a very selfish striptease finger her pussy kelly what if.. Breathe some life back to me will make Kelly go down on you but you will cum and she will be disappointed B. Though I must say the guy could look a lot better, lol Good game, interesting premise.I would not have stood around and introduced myself; but gotten out of there A. I`m not real sure why it didn`t follow her storyline from the Kelly Episodes.... Can`t say I did everything correct...(Missed the keys on my first playthrough -___-) Got it all on my second try :) The graphics are very nice. Kelly is definitely members` property and she just gave herself up so easily.I would have liked that better than seeing her get involved with Marky Mark here.....oh well......still hot and a really fun play through. The game plot was excellent, although I found some responses unusual in more real-life contexts. Trust me on this, make a `Kelly` game similar to `Working for Evil` and you will hit jackpot.A lot of us feel that Kelly needs a bigger story, and noting how much history this character has, LOP should do a big premium game on her.Though another game where the link and URL to my ending were broken (maybe it`s my i Phine browser app that supports flash), this was another short but very fantastic game!

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Resume our activities She`s a fast and dirty machine! I agree with one of the other comments that it seems like Eleanor is in control a lot more than you`d expect given her situation, but I`m not sure I`d want to play a game that was more non-consensual so that`s not really a complaint.