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We quickly run through the input Xml Text Reader, write the Infoset out to a Memory Stream and return a "fresh" Xml Text Reader and darn it if it doesn't work just fine.

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While it has a namespace and it's an official specification, the instance documents don't have a namespace. When I run it directly through one of the extended "fake-out" Xml Text Readers, it doesn't work.

They are entirely "unqualified." So, basically I'm trying to validate XML documents with a namespace against a schema that expects namespaces. It's as if my readers don't exist at all, even though their code does indeed execute. While its constructor takes the abstract class Xml Reader, internally it insists on an Xml Text Reader. Reflector shows us: When a class takes an abstract base class - the one it "should" - but really requires a specific derivation/implementation internally, it's a good hint that the OO hierarchy wasn't completely thought out and/or a refactoring that was going to happen in a future version never happened.

Checks whether the current node is a content (non-white space text, CDATA, Element, End Element, Entity Reference, or End Entity) node.

If the node is not a content node, the reader skips ahead to the next content node or end of file.

If the schema exists in the schema collection, the Xml Schema Collection xsc = new Xml Schema Collection(); // XML Schema. Add("urn:bookstore-schema", schema); reader = new Xml Text Reader (filename); vreader = new Xml Validating Reader (reader); vreader. Add(xsc); property in the Add method for the Xml Schema Collection.

You can specify a null reference before adding the schema to the Xml Schema Collection. Schema Namespace Validation Sample Class Sample Public Shared Sub Main() Dim tr As New Xml Text Reader("Head Count.xml") Dim vr As New Xml Validating Reader(tr) vr.

However, the Info Set that the Xml Validating Reader acts on is somehow now the same. Since Xml Validating Reader needs an Xml Text Reader that is more "legit," we'll give it one This is cheesy, but if a better way is found at least it's compartmentalized and I can fix it in one place.You can use the Xml Schema Collection to validate an XML document against XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas. Validation Event Handler, Address Of Validation Handler While vr. Write Line("Validation finished") End Sub ' Main Public Shared Sub Validation Handler(sender As Object, args As Validation Event Args) Console. The Xml Schema Collection improves performance by storing schemas in the collection so they are not loaded into memory each time validation occurs. Xml Validating Reader implements the Xml Reader class and provides support for data validation. Schemas property to have the reader validate using schema files cached in an Xml Schema Collection. Validation Type property specifies what type of validation the reader should perform. To read XML data from an Xml Node, use Xml Node Reader. If you do not need data validation, the ability to resolve general entities, or support for default attributes, use Xml Text Reader.


It skips over nodes of the following type: Processing Instruction, Document Type, Comment, Whitespace, or Significant Whitespace.